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Common Computer Problems with Solutions

  1. Mouse is not working/sticky keys.
    Cause: Dirty mouse or spilled drinks.
    Solution: Replace the mouse.
  2. Keyboard is not working/sticky keys.
    Cause: Dirty mouse or spilled drinks.
    Solution: Replace the keyboard.
  3. Monitor is not working.
    Cause: Power button not pressed, loose power cable, loose video signal cable, wrong configuration display settings (resolution), bad monitor.
    Solution: Press the power button, check the cables, adjust display settings, replace the monitor.
  4. No internet connection.
    Cause: Cable disconnected, Modem turned off, Router turned off, bad cable, No signal from provider.
    Solution: Connect the cable, Turn on modem, Turn on Router, replace cable, contact ISP.
  5. A specific website is not working.
    Cause: Website is down, Website link has changed, Website links is wrong/typo.
    Solution: Contact webmaster, Check the website link, Check for typos in the link.
  6. Files missing on computer.
    Cause: User deleted data, User forgot to save data, Program removed, System Crash, OS reinstall, Bad/broken Storage.
    Solution: Check Recycle Bin, Check backup storage (if any), Restore folder/files function, Windows Restore point. (latter causes may have no solution I.E. bad/broken storage, OS wipe/install or not saving files).
  7. Cannot receive or send emails.
    Cause: Inbox limit size reached, windows password change, data corruption.
    Solution: Delete old emails, delete old calendar items with large attachments, update password for email client, clear cache for internet email clients.
  8. The printer is not working.
    Cause: Printer not installed, wrong printer, no paper or ink, bad driver or configuration.
    Solution: Install Printer, Change Default Printer, Add paper/ink, use correct driver/configuration adjustment.
  9. Headset/phones not working.
    Cause: Sound Configuration not set properly, input/output cable connection. bad headset.
    Solution: Configure Playback and Recording device, check input/output connection, replace headset.
  10. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).
    Cause: Bad hardware or drivers, Overclocking CPU.
    Solution: Check hardware (I.E. RAM, CPU, HD, GPU), Check CPU clocks, Update Drivers.
  11. Computer is slow.
    Cause: background processes (updates or virus), Low RAM, low HD space, bad HD.
    Solution: wait for updates to finish, remove virus, add more RAM, make space on HD, replace HD.
  12. Computer restarts for no reason (with message “restarting”). “no reason” is what user would say.
    Cause: Windows Updates, Software update.
    Solution: Finish updates (force update), Software update should not restart more than once…
  13. Computer shutdown for no reason (no message/error). Goes silent/no beeps.
    Cause: Bad PSU, Bad GPU, Bad CPU settings.
    Solution: Test PSU/replace, test GPU by removing it, Check CPU/heatsink replace.
  14. Computer is not working (as reported by user). PC Support situation.
    Cause: Many things can cause this… more information is needed.
    Solution: Refer to previous solutions to troubleshoot.
  15. Computer making loud fan noise.
    Cause: Dust/Overheating, Fan Vibration.
    Solution: Remove dust, Replace CPU thermal paste, Check for loose fans/vibration inside the PC.
  16. Wifi is slow.
    Cause: Distance from Wifi, Overcrowded use, Bandwidth limit, Signal interference with other devices.
    Solution: Move closer to source of Wifi, too many people using wifi, change bandwidth limit, change wifi signal channel.
  17. Internet is slow.
    Cause: too many downloads, too many users, ISP data throttling, Virus.
    Solution: limit downloads, limit users sharing connection, reset modem (can help with throttling), check for viruses.
  18. Can’t login to PC.
    Cause: Password was changed, Account Locked.
    Solution: reset Password, unlock account.
  19. Can’t login after password change.
    Cause: Not using the new password, typo, locked account.
    Solution: Reset password, carefully type password after account is unlocked.
  20. Nothing is working. PC Support problem.
    Cause: Unknown (need more information).
    Solution: Contact professional PC Support for assistance.-Whatsapp-7009190893

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