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ASK IT SUPPORT- digital classroom solution is a technology-leveraged teaching-learning system wherein the teacher is empowered to teach interactively and student is inspired to learn with a quest for excellence.

This digital Classroom solution uses in-built interactive content bank comprising of 2D-3D images and multimedia content of almost all subjects which makes the learning process more interactive, student-centred & enjoyable. It completely replaces traditional teaching system of blackboard & chalk in the most economical way.

Types of Smart Classroom Setup:

  • Projector-based – With smart interactive whiteboard, projector, computer
  • Without Projector – With Interactive LED touch display

Minimum equipment for setting-up Smart Digital Classroom

  • Smart Interactive Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Laptop / Computer

Optional equipment

  •  Multimedia Learning Content (CBSE/NCERT/State Board)
  • Digital Podium
  • Interactive Teaching Pad
  • Document Camera
  • Visualizer
  • Video recording camera
  • Smart Classroom Cabinet
  • Multimedia All-in-one Cabinet Console

Classroom Cabinets

Smart Digital Console (All-in-one Multimedia PC Controller)

Smart Digital Console is all-in-one multimedia PC solution which provides ease of operating & controlling smart digital classrooms through single control-panel.

This total teaching solution consists of aluminium cabinet with storage and control compartment where classroom computer, document camera (optional), speakers, SMPS, keyboard, mouse etc. are embedded inside this console with key lock for safety.

Floor / Wall Mounted Smart Class Cabinets

We have completely customizable collection of cabinets which provide organized storage space and drawers within smart classrooms.

With smart classroom cabinets, you can store:

  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • UPS
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
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  • Digital Class Room Solution
  • Smart Class with Regular Interactive Module
  • Smart Class with ST Projector
  • Smart Class with ST Projector & IR Interactive Board
  • Digital Podium
  • Interactive White Digital Board
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