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Smart Classroom Solution

Interactive SmartBoard, Projector, Display Panel  Installation Services Provider  B to B.

Interactive K–12 curriculum-based technology products and services

We provide a wide range of on-demand services ranging from  Installation and Commissioning of Hardware Components for Implementation of Smart Class Room , software installation & upgrades in the Schools. List of such services is given below:

  • New Installation
  • Software Upgrade & Installations
  • Relocation : From one location to another
  • Hardware Support

Types of Smart Classroom Setup:

  • Projector-based – With smart interactive whiteboard, projector, computer, VGA/HDMI Cable
  • Without Projector – With Interactive LED touch display

Minimum Components of Smart Classroom 

  • Smart Interactive Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Hardware Equipment (Desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads)
  • Microphones

 Types of Displays

Projector-based solutions

Video projectors that are presently installed in the classrooms or meeting rooms, they need some tedious tasks of wiring or mounting equipment on the ceiling and other maintenance tasks.
These video projectors do not have interactive features.
When compared to LCD/LED panels of new generation and require turning off of room lights for optimal visual performance.

Flat-panel interaction technology

nteractive whiteboards may cost lower but the high cost of projector replacement lamps along with installation costs make their TCO higher as compared to flat-panel displays. Moreover, the latter comes with ease of use, less heat emissions, no anxieties about students blocking the projected beam of a video projector. The flat panel display features:

  • Multi-function touch response supporting multiple touch points.
  • annotation and collaboration features
  • touch pen points
  • ability to capture/ display the screen contents
  • video-conference visibility
  • digital signage functionality – converting displays into interactive way finding for any special          event

Floor / Wall Mounted Smart Class Cabinets

We have completely customizable collection of cabinets which provide organized storage space and drawers within smart classrooms.

With smart classroom cabinets, you can store:

  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • UPS
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

    Smart Classroom Cabinets

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